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Snapdragons - Hopes and Aspirations MIRAR001

After making a splash on the world with his collection of bootleg remixes for which several have gone viral (CLICK HERE FOR THE REMIXES), the producer and DJ known as Snapdragons released his debut EP of indie-electro tunes.

The EP, entitled ‘Hopes and Aspirations’ is an intriguing collection of songs with often quite dark lyrics shaping the creative and diverse collection of tracks that the Adelaide based producer has offered up.

Snapdragons 'Hopes and Aspirations' is likely to appeal to fans of Kele and Digitalism.

Digital download is provided in your choice of format from ALAC and FLAC through to MP3 and AAC.

Track Listing

  1. Disco Sucks Fuck Everything
  2. Signs
  3. Miracles
  4. Hopes and Aspirations
  5. Want to Belong
  6. Volar Conmigo Señora
  7. Signs (Streetlight Symphony Remix)
  8. Miracles (The Metropolis Cop Remix)