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Jimmy & The Mirrors - 'Where's Ben?' 12" MIRAR008

Remember that time that music made you feel happy? You know, before you got tied down by emo-punk and diluted hip-hop and Lars fucking Ulrich and general disillusion? Remember that? Remember that time when there were cute girls at the bar in floral dresses, drinking rainbow-shaded cocktails whilst dancing to a soundtrack of optimism and bliss?

Jimmy & the Mirrors remember that.

Not only do they remember that feeling of a warm, inviting society; they pledge to continue it. The world has enough dread, sadness and melancholy. What it needs right now is a coy smile, a loud shirt and a guy with a trumpet.

Track Listing

  1. Don't Fall In Love
  2. Hailstorm
  3. Turn Me On
  4. Still I Fall
  5. Electricity
  6. Toucan Blues